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QDI Wireless is Your National Dealer Network

We are one of the country’s largest and fastest growing master distributors of wireless and wire line products and services. QDI is currently offering our valued partners opportunities with T-Mobile’s Exclusive Sub Dealer Program with Postpaid and Prepaid Exclusive opportunities, MetroPCS, Ultra, CenturyLink, Vonage, and more!

B2B opportunities

Exclusive Dealer Retailer Programs

QDI is currently offering our valued partners B2B opportunities with T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Ultra, CenturyLink, and Vonage just to name a few. To ensure the success of our valued partners we are always looking for new programs to grow! We offer T-Mobile Exclusive for dealers/retailers interested in Postpaid Exclusive retail locations in addition to multi-carrier reseller programs.

We also have programs available to Premier Dealers with one of the top prepaid branded service in wireless today, MetroPCS! Talk to us today to learn more about our Premier Dealer Programs for dealers/retailers.

About Quality Distributors

Our company has been in business for over 28 years and is in 49 U.S. markets in addition to Canada. Our vision includes growing and managing successful independent retailer distribution nationally while striving to remain one of the nation’s largest master distributors of wireless and wireline products. We build a solid foundation of support to grow thriving independent retailers and maintain their long term success.

Consumer Electronics

Handsets & Accessories

We strive to always follow industry trends with our handset, consumer electronic and accessory line-ups. Our relationships with Handset and Device Manufacturers don’t end with Samsung, LG, HTC, Alcatel and BLU, we are constantly reviewing our handset portfolio and have access to the largest selection of cellular accessories for you to offer your customers.

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In-House Advertising Agency


Our Premier Dealers also have full access to our advertising, marketing and printing services allowing them to focus on the the customer.

AdFocus is QDI’s internal ad agency, our business relies on Dealer’s success! AdFocus offers solutions for any of our Carriers & can ease all worries including the media buying, ad creation and payment process!

In-House Printing Services

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PrintFocus can handle complicated, high-end, four-color brochures, to simple black and white business forms and business cards. Our professional staff will make sure you are completely satisfied!

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