About QDI:

Our company has been in business for over 28 years and maintain over 350,000 activations every year and still growing!  In other words, we will be around for a very long time and contribute our success to the many long-lasting business relationships and partnerships with our Dealer, Carrier and Vendor Partners.
QDI is in 49 U.S. markets and growing business in Canada as well. We are one of the country's largest and fastest growing master distributors of wireless and wire line products and services. QDI is currently offering our valued partners opportunities with T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Ultra, CenturyLink, and Vonage.  To ensure the success of all of our valued partners we are always looking for new opportunities to grow!
QDI is committed to increasing our Dealer Partner’s success with opportunities like T-Mobile’s Exclusive Sub Dealer Program with Postpaid and Prepaid Exclusive opportunities.
QDI Vision, Mission and Value Statements:
Our vision includes growing and managing successful independent retailer distribution nationally.  QDI strives to remain one of the nation’s largest master distributors of wireless and wireline products and services by continuing collaboration and support from our field representation and our many beneficial program tools.
Our mission is to build a solid foundation of support and structure to grow thriving independent retailers and maintain their long term success.  We provide many turnkey solutions to any small business including, online ordering, marketing assistance and cash flow management.
The values of QDI’s management team and employees embrace the following: Honesty & Integrity - exercise good judgment by doing the right thing, creating ongoing win-win partnerships with Dealers and Carriers alike, we believe the key to our ongoing success is treating our partners, carriers and employees with care & respect.

Our Products and Services

QDI’s top priority is to assist in the success of partners, along with our Carrier relationships, QDI maintains relationships some of today’s top selling handset and device manufacturer’s! We strive to always follow industry trends with our handset, device and accessory line-ups. Our relationships with Manufacturers don’t end with Samsung, LG, HTC, Alcatel and BLU, we are constantly reviewing our handset line-up so that our Dealer Partners always have the best options for their customers. Partnerships are always growing with new handset vendors and we know that allows for our Dealer partners to always count on QDI to get them what they need.

QDI doesn’t just stop at devices! QDI has an assortment of accessory options for our Dealer Partner’s to offer their Customers. With a thriving Consumer Electronics division, we have had the opportunity to see firsthand what Customers are asking for and we have it! As a QDI Dealer Partner, the options are endless; Power, Bluetooth, Sound, Cases and Cables. Our Accessory Vendors are a big part of that continued success, myCharge, Jam Wireless Audio, Quickcell, Belkin and many more, help us offer the latest and greatest accessories!

Advertising and Printing

Our in house printshop, PrintFocus has been in operation for over 25 years and can handle complicated, high-end, four-color brochures, to a simple black and white business forms and business cards. Our professional staff will make sure you are completely satisfied Premier Dealers have full access to AdFocus, our in house ad agency. AdFocus can help by offering advertising solutions for any wireless provider. We can ease all worries from beginning to end, including the entire co-op and payment process. When we handle your advertising we will provide: · Budgeting · Media buying · Print, radio, and television advertising · Creative design · All pre-approval processes · Collection of all proof of performance · Claims and payment to publications · Events, promotions, and sponsorships · Trade shows · Promotional clothing & accessories